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Hear Well. Live Well.
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Two-Week Complimentary
Hearing Aid Trial
2-Week Complimentary Trial
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Hear Better Now!
Hear Better Now!
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Hearing Aid Leasing Program
Lease Program
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Reconnect with the Ones You Love
Lease Program

Welcome to Integrity Hearing Center!

At Integrity Hearing Center, we treat you the way we want our own family treated.

When you step into our offices in Troy or Hermann, MO, we want to make you feel as comfortable as you would be with your family. Our office is warm, inviting, and not at all clinical. We understand how important it is, when meeting someone new, to feel comfortable and relaxed.

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When you are in our office, have a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, or even a soda, and we will sit and chat with you to get to know you first before we start your hearing journey with us.

We make sure, after each step along your hearing journey, you understand exactly what it is we are doing. We want you to ask questions because, to us, a well-informed patient is a patient that understands the “why’s” of what we are doing. We first want to get to know you and understand the areas you struggle with your hearing. Once we do this, we then proceed with your hearing evaluation and when completed, we sit down with you and go over the results in a way you understand why it is you sometimes hear but don’t always understand. We then discuss the options available to you to meet your hearing loss, if in fact there is any hearing loss. If there is hearing loss, we will go over the different hearing aids and their technology levels to meet your hearing needs. We do not push hearing aids on you that you don't need, and there is no obligation to buy. Through our comprehensive and compassionate approach, we strive to provide the best solution for all hearing losses, lifestyles, and budgets.

We've seen first-hand how treating hearing loss can enrich our patients' lives and their relationships with family and friends. At Integrity Hearing Center, we always say, we get more pleasure seeing our patients walk out of our office hearing better than sometimes our patients do! Let us reconnect you with the ones you love!

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Hearing Aids!

Home of the Two-Week Complimentary Hearing Aid Trial!

At Integrity Hearing Center, we offer a completely free two week trial with hearing aids best suited for your needs. Unlike other practices, we do not ask for a deposit or any money down. Learn more about our two-week complimentary hearing aid trial!

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Hearing Aid Leasing

We know cost can sometimes be a contributing factor as to why some of our patients do not purchase hearing aids. Because of this, we offer different payment options for your hearing aids. Leasing is a new option that only we at Integrity Hearing Center offer. Leasing your hearing aids is the same as leasing your car. You make monthly payments on the hearing aids. At the end of the term of the lease, you can return the hearing aids, purchase them outright, or turn them in and get the latest technology available at that time and renew the lease.

It's part of our commitment to making hearing aids more accessible to those that need them.

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