I’m a retired Aerospace Engineer living in St. Louis, MO.

My hearing had been declining for many years and I neglected to do anything to correct my handicap. Over time, I realized how it was affecting my everyday life. I began wearing hearing aids almost five years ago and realized then how hearing loss had kept me isolated. I’ve been using Phonak hearing aids from the beginning but just upgraded to the new Phonak Marvel aids, which are the latest from Phonak. In this age of digital Bluetooth technology, the Marvel product does the best job of connecting us to our digital devices.

Dr. Gessert (Kelly) is a highly skilled Audiologist and intimately familiar with the Phonak line of products. When I moved to the Marvel aid, Kelly insured that settings of the devices matched my needs. I tell my friends that these aids are the closest thing to normal hearing that is available today. I thank Dr. Gessert every day I put my hearing aids on that I can not only hear but hear well in all environments due to his knowledge of the hearing aids, programming, of the hearing aids, and the amount of time he took with me to make sure everything was perfect. And PERFECT it is because of Dr. Gessert!

Carl T.

Dr. Gessert, I want to thank you for the miracle I so wanted but couldn’t afford.

I now can hear all the things I have been missing. It was the most unique Christmas ever. It was quite an exciting afternoon to be able to hear all the little kids, especially the great grandchildren tell me “Merry Christmas Moo-Moo”. And I could actually HEAR them, of course I cried!!

Working with Dr. Gessert was and is a great pleasure. He is very patient and caring. I couldn’t have handled the excitement of new hearing aids if it wasn’t for him and my family being there with me. It is above unreal to have a “miracle” like this to happen to me. Thanks again Dr. Gessert, for all the help you gave me as I couldn’t be happier!!

Joan H.

Thank you Dr. Gessert! Dr. Gessert took excellent care of me; was a true professional, knowledgeable and fun to work with.

He is totally educated and very specific on the latest technology. I had been to another audiologist and they had a hearing aid specialist. Totally only in it for the sale of the most expensive hearing aids and pressure to do TODAY, THIS WEEK!

Dr. Gessert is a licensed Audiologist who knows what he is talking about. If your hearing loss is just a normal loss due to growing older, you still need the careful attention I needed. You will feel better working with him than with someone who just wants to sell you hearing aids.

I am hearing Fantastic, I am able to speak to large groups with my job, listen in conferences and not struggle, be in large noisy places and be able to hear! I am happy and love my hearing aids.

I also have taken my grandchildren to have their hearing checked by Dr. Gessert! Time committed and kindness to the little ones to not be afraid was wonderful!

Thank you for your time, talent and professionalism!

Cathy D.

Wanted to thank you Dr. Gessert for all the help with getting my mother-in-law’s hearing back with the use of the hearing aids.

Right away, I could see the sparkle back in her eyes once she was able to hear again!! I hope it does your heart good to know how much you are helping people. God Bless.

Janie B.

Thank you, Dr. Gessert, for the time and effort you spent with me today.

Your knowledge about my hearing impressed me a lot. I found it very interesting when you looked in my ears and I could see what you were looking at on the television in your exam room. How you explained what everything was made me feel comfortable.

Even though I didn’t need hearing aids as my hearing was “normal”, you still took the time to explain everything to me in a manner I understood. I could tell you weren’t “in it” just to sell hearing aids! Know that I will refer my friends to see you because of the way you treated me!! Again, thank you for your time this afternoon.

Jim T.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you Dr. Gessert!

I have not heard this well in years. I was so skeptical of wearing hearing aids and I had been to other places before, but I just wasn’t willing to spend the money on hearing aids without knowing if they were going to work for me.

When you told me just to take the hearing aids home and try them in environments where I was struggling and to see for myself how much they would help without paying you anything, well I just couldn’t resist. When I wore them to dinner that evening, I couldn’t believe the difference, and neither could my wife! Yes, I did hear the background noise like you said I would, but I heard my wife over the background noise much to her delight. It made dinner so much easier AND enjoyable.

When I came back in after my 2-week free trial you wanted to know how I did, and I told you how easy it was to hear in most all situations. You seemed to be as excited as I was! Because you let me try the hearing aids first, this made it easier for me to make my decision and it’s a decision I wished I made years ago.

I have highly recommended you and told all my friends about you and how you do things in your office which is completely different then anyone else I’ve been to see. I just can’t believe how well and how easy it is to hear again! By the way, the way you’ve decorated your office, it looks great.

Fred C.