Hearing Aid Leasing

Lease your hearing aids

There are many different option plans when it comes to paying for your hearing aids. At Integrity Hearing Center, we are offering a new way of paying for your hearing aids. You’ve heard of leasing your car where you make so many monthly payments until the term of the lease is completed. You then have the option of either returning the car and leasing another car or buying the leased car outright and you now own it. Hearing aids can now be the same. Leasing your hearing aids make sense as you will have low monthly payments, due on the same day each month, and there is no penalty for paying it off early. Integrity Hearing Center wants to make sure that our patients are well informed of the different ways there are to purchase hearing aids. We want to make sure we have as many options available to you so you can experience what it is like to reconnect with the ones you love, with new hearing aids of the latest technology.

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